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 About Us


Insight Investigation is a full service private investigation firm located in Dallas/Fort Worth. We make it our mission to ensure the most comprehensive investigative services available. We find evidence to help you make better decisions in both personal or professional matters. We understand that each assignment is unique and we take great care in tailoring our approach to provide our clients the highest level of investigative service. 


Our investigators are highly skilled and undergo the most extensive training industry-wide. They are equipped to handle a variety of investigations including marital affairs, court cases, child support, background checks and cases involving fraud. We provide you with all the evidence needed to make your case and give you peace of mind. Our clients receive our highest level of commitment, immediate updates, video & photographic evidence and detailed reports. 


Our firm practices with the utmost integrity, honesty and confidentiality. We practice with the most absolute care when it comes to respecting and protecting our client's privileged information and personal identity. 


CJ Jones



I believe in investigating facts, examining data and finding proof. I believe in searching for the truth, at all costs. In many cases, there is some validity to people's intuition or hunch about someone. A lot of the times we are just looking for concrete evidence of what we already know. My role of a private investigator is to take that information, connect the dots and report back so that my clients can make sense of that information and make a decision regarding the facts.

My name is CJ Jones and I am dedicated to helping my clients seek the truth. With over ten years of teaching Criminal Justice experience under my belt, investigation is truly my calling. I received my degrees in both English & Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. As a Master's candidate undergoing a Forensic Psychology discipline at Walden University, I pursue justice with full conviction. My mission is to give my clients peace of mind at all costs and ease their uncertainties. I am here every step of the way and I stand behind my work. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us today. We are here to help you! 

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