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DOMESTIC AFFAIRS                


Our experts are trained to handle a wide array of cases involving domestic affairs to infidelity. We use the most sophisticated technology to provide you with the peace of mind you need. We have provided evidence of cheating spouses, divorce and spousal deceit, giving thousands of our clients concrete evidence of wrongdoing. We perform our work with the highest regard to anonymity to provide our clients with the peace of mind they need to move forward. Our investigators are steadfast and efficient in collecting recorded evidence and disseminating it to our client's immediately. 





Many child custody cases are agonizing and prolonged. Having a private investigator can help sway the outcome from one direction to another. We offer support in divorce and child custody cases. Our investigators can conduct surveillance regarding the treatment of children by either parent and document instances of abuse or neglect. We can also assist in locating hidden assets, finding an absentee parent and beginning the process for legislative child support garnishment. 


Legal investigative services involve conducting surveillance and gathering evidence for legal cases. Our data collection can enhance evidence and make for stronger cases. From locating and interviewing witnesses, retrieving important court documents and court testifying, our investigators are primed in gathering evidence and conducting surveillance. We are licensed to serve official court papers and can locate necessary parties for serving of documents. 



Domestic Affairs | Matrimonial | Cheating Spouses | Child Support Collection | Custody Cases 

Blackmail & Extortion | Serving Restraining Orders | Court Testifying | Interviewing Witnesses 


Domestic Affairs
Family Law
Litigation Support



Our pre-employment screenings have become one of the most crucial tools for corporation's on-boarding efforts. First Choice, a research and screening company, has reported that 74% of job applications contain falsified or exaggerated information on an employee's resume or application. If a company hires based on falsified information, the company can be held liable for damages done by that employee if it is determined the company failed to due its due diligence in screening employees. Therefore, performing thorough background checks of potential hires is crucial for your company's hiring practices. 



We work with insurance companies to conduct fact-finding and gather evidence regarding fraudulent claims. We handle many types of insurance claims including personal injury, product liability, worker's compensation, disability insurance, healthcare and other types of fraud investigations. We conduct investigations to gather vital evidence regarding validity of claims. Our investigators can save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars from paying uninjured and parties, saving them heavily on fraudulent claims. 


In today's highly competitive global economy, information is a valuable commodity. As new companies are emerging in the market, there is an increased need for organizations to protect their private information and intellectual assets. Our firm can help businesses collect information that is unavailable via other mediums., providing irrefutable proof our clients need to make decisions. Our surveillance tactics can help expose fraud, misrepresentation and deceit. 


Hidden Cameras | Landlord & Tenant | Employment Activity | Credit Reports | Criminal Records 

Insurance Fraud Investigation | Asset Investigation | Workers Comp | Copyright Violations 


Background Checks
Fraud & Insurance
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