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personal injury

Personal Injury 

Our investigators will obtain every detail regarding your client’s damages and losses by conducting thorough investigations. The private investigations we conduct offer insights on how to best approach cases. We consider every detail, public records, medical evaluations, and appropriate surveillance to provide all evidence that can support your client’s claim.

The private investigator’s job will make yours easier. We are experts in securing information through methods that are usually time-consuming for law enforcement. We can aid an experienced personal injury attorney with discoveries, through completely legal, but more effective ways.

Why is it beneficial to hire a private investigator for personal injury claims?

Insight Investigations specializes in working with local attorneys to obtain and provide them with the very evidence they need for their cases. Some of the services we provide include:


  • Video footage from the surrounding businesses where the accident occurred

  • Interview eye witnesses to get statements that validate who is at fault

  • Obtain police records and information from law enforcement first on the scene of the accident

  • Locate driving records from insurance companies of the person at fault

  • Conduct asset searches in order to get their client the compensation he/she deserves for their personal injury

Insight Investigation Investigators are hands on and save attorneys a great amount of time and money. We do the leg work to get all the information needed to win a personal injury claim. 

Workers Compensation Fraud

Nationally, about 2 percent of employee workers’ compensation claims are fraudulent. Workers’ compensation fraud increases system costs, which results in higher insurance premiums and drains resources from the system that could be allocated to providing benefits for injured employees.

What is workers’ compensation fraud?

Workers’ compensation fraud occurs when someone willfully makes a false statement or conceals information in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits or prevents someone from receiving benefits to which they might be entitled. Workers’ compensation fraud is usually motivated by greed.

Why do people commit workers’ compensation fraud?

People who normally would not engage in criminal behavior commit workers’ compensation fraud because they:

  • Perceive it as a victimless crime perpetrated against a faceless insurance company.

  • Hope to make up for premiums they have paid in the past.

  • Think many people inflate or falsify insurance claims.

  • Believe they will not get caught.

  • See it as a quick and easy way to make money.

Who pays for workers’ compensation fraud?

Workers’ compensation fraud is not a victimless crime. The Coalition Against Insurance Fraud estimates that more than $80 billion in fraudulent insurance claims are made annually (this includes all insurance lines including workers’ compensation fraud). All Texans pay for workers’ compensation fraud through higher costs of goods and higher premiums.

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